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Journaling for Emotional Healing

Do you want to learn how to use Journaling for Emotional Healing?

I don’t know about you but I am old school and there is nothing more powerful than putting pen to paper. Sure, I like computers and all the technology we have these days but there is something special about writing in a Notebook/Journal. It allows us to be completely honest, unique and creative.

Journaling has healing power and I am the type of person, when I start writing, it is hard for me to stop. Sure, I get writer’s block when I am trying to write something on a particular topic but when I am writing my innermost thoughts, I could write for hours.

Do you like to write?

Even if you’re not much of a writer, once you get started it becomes easier and easier to do.

There are many different forms of Journaling. In my Free eBook, The Quickstart Guide to Journaling for Better Emotional Health, I showcase 9 different forms of Journaling that have helped me in my Emotional Healing Journey. 

  1. First-Thoughts Freedom Journal
  2. Reflective Release Evening Journal
  3. Scripture Writing Journal
  4. Prayer Journal
  5. Devotional Journal
  6. Gratitude Journal
  7. Reflection Journal
  8. Bible Journaling
  9. Health Journal
There are different examples in each section and can really give you an idea of how to use Journaling for Emotional Healing.


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Writing Letters to God

One of the most beneficial ways to use Journaling for Emotional Healing is writing letters to God.

Yes, you can just write down how you are feeling but the true healing power comes from crying out to God. And the thing about Journaling is no one, except you and God, will ever know what’s in there (unless you choose to share it) so you can be totally transparent and raw.

When those raw emotions and honest feelings are expressed, you can allow yourself to acknowledge what is truly happening and heal from it.

My Emotional Healing Journey

The hardest part for me in my emotional healing journey was acknowledging, admitting and accepting my situation. Back in 2018, I had to, not only acknowledge the fact that my marriage was over but admit to the abuse and accept the fact that I would now be raising my 4 children on my own.

I became very bitter, resentful and angry towards my ex-husband, towards other people and towards God. I questioned what God was doing and didn’t understand why He had allowed things to get so much worse. 

He showed me that we have to acknowledge the fact that He was still in control and was working it all out (behind the scenes) just like He did in the story of Queen Esther!

In 2019 my ex-husband and I started Co-Parenting & I thought that I was seeing a miracle take place before my eyes because it seemed my ex-husband was a changed man – we reconciled and called this Our Family Miracle. It turns out that it was all a facade and manipulation and trickery by my ex-husband – something Narcissists are very good at. That’s a hard pill to swallow, let me tell you! 

This doesn’t take away from the fact that, in the meantime of our separation, I had to learn how to heal and that is how God taught me the 5A Healing Process that changed my life! I was able to forgive my ex-husband for all the abuse. Fast forward to now, May, 2023 and I am now once again, on another Healing Journey due to the Domestic Violence!

Yep, you heard right!

I am once again using The 5A Healing Process after suffering Narcissistic Abuse for a further 2 years…it was traumatic and I’m on a massive journey of healing! You can check out my TikTok Kala’z Killin’ It! where I share MyDVSurvivorStory. I had a major revelation tonight and also shared a post on my Facebook Page where I spoke about the importance of Self-Worth & Healing in order to have true Self-Love & Self-Care!

A major part of my journey was Journaling.

I have various notebooks and Journals that have many heartfelt cries to God. I was Journaling before our separation and I love looking back and reading them because it has shown me how much I have healed and grown, and the faithfulness of God.

Expressing your feelings through Journaling

It was such a blessing to being able to express myself through my writing, during my toughest moments.

The beauty of Journaling is that you can release all your negative emotions through writing. Even if you are not particular fond of writing or Journaling, I can guarantee that once you start you will see the healing benefits it has.

There are many types of Journals and if you prefer having a blank notebook then check out these 3 beautiful Christian Journals on Amazon.

The 5A Healing Process

My own Emotional Healing Journey was tough and hard for me to embrace because it meant that I had to acknowledge and accept things that I had ignored for so long.

There was a process that the Lord taught me during this time and I call it The 5A Healing Process – Acknowledge, Admit, Accept, Appeal, Apply.This Process is one of the Self-Care Systems here at H&H.

Are there things in your life that you need to Acknowledge, Admit, Accept, Appeal and Apply?

If you would like some support in this process you can learn more about it in the upcoming eCourse: Declutter Your Home, Clear Your Mind. This Course will be available on the Gold Tier of The H&H Membership: My Deep Dive!

The eCourse will have a deep focus on Emotional Healing. There is a module on Journaling and a module called A Peaceful Mind, which is all about Emotional Decluttering.

You’ll also get various printable worksheets including a Healing Journal, Emotional Healing Journal Prompts, Emotional Declutter Checklist, Emotional Healing Checklist + a bonus Scripture Writing Plan and Journal.

If you love doing eCourses that have accompanying Workbooks then this is the Course for you! There is a  healing power associated with writing and Journaling.

You can also get the Quick Start Guide and eBook, The 5A Healing Process for free with this eCourse.

4 Journal Prompts to get started

In order to start your Emotional Healing Journey, you need to start writing about your trauma, pain and suffering.
You need to get real with yourself and write down what is hurting you. A major part of my healing journey was forgiveness and that can be
Ask yourself these 4 questions:
  1. Who/What has caused you pain in your life?
  2. How do you feel about what happened to you?
  3. Have I forgiven the person who has hurt me?
  4. What does God say about Forgiveness?
Remember, this is only the beginning and it will take some time but trust me, it will be worth it.
God will give you the strength you need to get through this and I am here to help you, if you need extra support. If you’d like to start a journey of forgiveness check out this 21-Day Forgiveness Challenge that I have over at our Sister Site, Equipped For Battle.
Do you think Journaling has healing power?
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Love and Blessings,
Kala (Your Sister in Christ) xx