the spiritual discipline of daily bible study

Spiritual Discipline: Bible Study

God’s Word is His Love Letter to us and it is the most amazing, powerful and life-changing book you will ever read in your life! In order to grow spiritually and strengthen your relationship with Christ, it is essential to learn the important Spiritual Discipline of Daily Bible Study.

SOAP Bible Study Journal

The SOAP Bible Study Method is a very common study method that is used around the world by many Christians. It is a very simple, yet valuable, study method that can be used each day.

Bible Reading Plans

When you study the Bible, you can start small and build on from there. The Lord Is My Refuge: Psalm 91 Bible Study Package is a 16-Day Study Plan, full of awesome Bible Study Resources to help you in your Daily Bible Study.

It includes:

  • Daily Bible Reading Plan
  • Daily Bible Verses (Entire Chapter of Psalm 91)
  • Reflection Journal Pages for each day
  • Scripture Cards for each verse
  • A4 Scripture Prints for each verse

Psalm 91 is a beautiful passage all about God’s comfort, protection and love and will definitely encourage you in your Spiritual Growth.

Learning how to have the Spiritual Discipline of reading the Bible every day is easy with a Bible Study Package like this one.

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Psalm 91 Bible Study Package

Monthly Scripture Writing Packages

Scripture Writing is a very creative way to study the Bible. Bible Study doesn’t need to be reading for an hour and taking notes, if that isn’t how you enjoy studying the Bible. I enjoy Scripture Writing because it gives me a chance to be artistic and really soak in God’s Word. I am currently creating Scripture Writing Packages for each month of the year.

As a THANK YOU FOR STOPPING BY, here is the January Package!
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January Scripture Writing Package

The importance of a consistent Bible Study Routine

It is very important to have a regular Bible Study routine and be consistent in that. Set a specific time to do your Daily Bible Reading…for example, a morning routine before your kids wake up or an evening routine after work.

Do whatever works for you and your schedule and lifestyle, not what works for someone else. 

Read a Daily Devotional

I have this Daily Devotional from Charles Stanley and it’s a great book! I love reading Devotionals but I don’t let them replace the Bible; I use them as a way to get into the Word and they are also great for when you are busy and want to get a good dose of Spiritual Food lol

Below is a Devotional Journal that I created for when you need to find comfort in times of disappointment and despair.

Topical Bible Study

Another great way to study the Bible is by doing Topical Bible Studies – for example, if you are struggling with Self-Control it would be a great idea to search for all Scriptures relating to Self-Control. There are so many topics that are relevant to our lives today and the Bible has an answer for everything! Encouragement. Support. Guidance. Whatever it is you need, you can find the topic in the Bible and grow in your faith.

Whichever you decide, it is crucial for you to study the Bible every single day. Of course, life will get in the way and we won’t always stick to our Bible Study/Reading Routine and that’s ok but as long as we keep striving to read every day.

What does your Bible Study routine look like right now?

Do you need support in being spiritually disciplined in Bible Study? If so, feel free to reach out to me and download one of the free Bible Study resources in this post.

All the best!

Love and Blessings,

Kala xx (Your Sister In Christ)

Helpful Resources


Here is our Plan for February!

bible study plan for february

We would love to have you join us!!

Love and Blessings,

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