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As your Mentor & Sister in Christ, I’m here to help you Feel Fabulous. Now! Today!

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i'm Kala!

...Your Pysical and Spiritual Self-Care Coach...


If you want to START ANEW IN ’22 and dive deeper into God’s Word to become a healthier version of YOU, as you gain a positive self-image, feel confident, worthy and fabulous…you are in the right place!

I’m 38 years old and I’m passionate about sharing the gospel and helping others seek Jesus in all things, especially their holistic health! I’m a Ngarrindjeri woman and love my Aboriginal Heritage. I’m an ex-Homeschool Mama who’s obsessed with Smoothies, Studying the Bible, Bike Riding with my 4 kids, using Planners, Journaling, drinking “Hot Bean Water” lol (shoutout to my sis, Tammy for this description of my Black Coffee) and watching FRIENDS everyday, without fail!

When I’m not playing UNO FLIP, Monopoly or Charades with my kids, I’m creating Online Courses, Digital Products and Bible Studies.

If you want to START ANEW IN ’22 and dive deeper into God’s Word to become a healthier version of YOU, as you gain a positive self-image, feel confident, worthy and fabulous…you are in the right place!

So, I hear you're feeling frustrated with your health & your life..

stressed. ashamed. overwelmed. tired.

frustrated woman

You’re looking to improve your Overall Health without becoming:
Obsessed with Weight Loss.
Sacrificing Self-Care.

Since you’re here, I’m gonna assume that you’re ready to:
Change your mindset
. Do things differently.



increase your knowledge,

remove all obstacles or barriers to your progress

give you the breakthrough you’ve been hoping for.


I want to help you improve your:

Physical Fitness: Exercise. Food. Sleep.

Spritual Fitness: Study. Prayer. Worship.

Emotional Fitness: Healing. Forgiveness. Journaling.

Mental Fitness: Self-Image. Rest. De-Clutter.


...have hope & believe in a breakthrough...


woman happy

Health and Honour will be your new favourite spot on the World Wide Web if you’re looking to go from Feeling Frustrated to Feeling Fabulous!

Health and Honour is built around Physical, Spiritual, Emotional and Mental Health. In order to have great Health in all areas, I believe there are 8 Steps to follow to begin to Feel Fabulous!

..The 8 Step Feel-Fab System..


Morning Routine

bible notebook and coffee


planner and coffee

Plan & Schedule


Self-Care & Self-Image

love yourself


scripture prints in home

Home Environment


Fabulous Foods

fruit and oats


Work/Life Balance


The 3 R's

relax sign


woman shopping

Mini Makeover

free 4-day S.O.S. Self-Care Challenge


Whether you’re a total newbie to taking care of your overall health or you have been on this journey for 20+ years, like me, my goal and purpose is to help break free from the pressure, the guilt and the burden of being ‘perfect’ – whatever that is! – I want you to Honour God with your Health, first and then everything else will fall into place!

No more comparing!
No more coveting!
No more competition!


Once you realise you are doing this as a form of worship TO HIM and that you are Fearfully and Wonderfully Made by the Creator of the Universe, everything will change!

Your mindset will shift, your self-worth will sky-rocket and you will see MINDBLOWING results in every aspect of your life! 

You will love yourself, love your life & love your body (NOW!)

You will radiate confidence and Feel Fabulous!

I know you’ve got it in you and I know you’ve got something amazing to
share with the world…and the Lord has brought you here so I can help
you shine your light, IN YOUR LIFE FIRST and then in the lives of

I do not believe in coincidence..you are here because God wanted you here!




fabulous photo of Kala
photo of kala blowing a kiss

My Struggles...

Let me tell you about...

My Story...

My Success...

When it comes to Health, I have experienced it all…

Keto. Atkins. Low Carb. Shakes. No Sugar. Binge-eating. Intermittent Fasting. Starvation. Calorie Counting. 2 hrs of exercise per day. No exercise. HIIT. Yoga. Weights. Running. Boxing. Les Mills. Gym. Home Gym. Home Workouts. Bootcamp. Dance Fitness. Pilates. Obsessed with Weight Loss. Overeating. Obesity. Weight Loss. Weight Gain. Dressing Up. No Pride In Appearance. Strict Prayer Hour. Strict Bible Study Hours. No Prayer Life. No Bible Study. No Self-Care. Self-Care. Cluttered House. De-Cluttering. No Cleaning Routine. Cleaning Routine. Marriage Problems. Pregnant. Parenting Problems. Counselling. Denial. Bitterness. Resentment. Healing. Unforgiveness. Forgiveness. Overworked. Overwhelmed. Stressed. Medical Issues. Sickness. Surgery. Sleeping In. Rising Early. Strict Planning. Strict Schedules. Anti-Depressants. Weight Loss Medication. No Planning. No Schedules. Unorganised. TOO Organised. Single Mum. Drug Addiction. Alcohol Addiction. Sex Addiction. Porn Addiction. Food Addiction. People-Pleasing. Physical Abuse. Emotional Abuse. Psychological Abuse. Spiritual Abuse. Negative Self-Image. Positive Self-Image. Feeling Unworthy. Narcissistic Abuse. Depression. Anxiety. Suffering. Pain. Grief. Feeling Frustrated. Joy. Peace. Love. Contentment. Freedom. Self-Worth. Encouragement. Domestic Violence. Feeling Fabulous.


health collage

My Story, Struggles & Success...

I have struggled with my weight for over 20+ years and I have been on my weight loss/healthy living journey for 25 years! Yep, this year will be 25 years!

It all started when I was 13 years old and I was called fat, at School. That was when I first became focused on body image…after that moment, I was constantly aware of how I looked compared to others. And the view was completely negative. I started going to the gym with my Mum when I was 14 years old and tried to be conscious of what I was eating – it wasn’t because I wanted to be healthy, though; I wanted to be skinny….like the other girls.

It is sad that we have these struggles at such a young age – my eldest daughter, Shayla, is 11yo and she has been aware of body image since she was 7yo; I am partly to blame for that because of my own struggles. I put a lot of emphasis on weight loss when I was obsessed about body image when she was younger.

The negative self-image of a young teen, turned into low self-esteem, which eventually manifested itself as anger, violence, sex addiction, drug and alcohol addiction, bitterness and depression.

I was the fat, funny girl who made jokes about herself and laughed off any feelings of insecurity – I acted tough. I was bullied in Primary School and I masked the pain by becoming the bully in High School. I made a reputation as Tough Kala, who didn’t care what anyone thought..well, that’s what came across to everyone but realistically I was hurting and didn’t want to show it.

My Father also left when I was 5yo and hasn’t been in my life since so that caused many issues for me, which ultimately led to the addictions…once I quit all the ‘negative’ addictions and starting living for Jesus, the addiction of food and eating was the only one left. The only one that nobody seemed to talk about.

The one that I never heard a sermon on.

There were many people within the Church who were overweight and didn’t see it as a problem – the whole, “big is beautiful” and “God accepts us all, no matter what we eat” mentality was so damaging.

I needed someone to come alongside me and lovingly tell me that it had to change.

That is why I am so passionate about coming alongside you and lovingly telling you that it needs to change.

BUT…it isn’t just about eating and exercise and losing kilos, it’s about living a life that honours God in every way!

As you can see from my description and photos above, I have experienced it all…it has been a rollercoaster ride and I can finally say, that after many, many years and various attempts at getting to a point where I feel fabulous inside and out, I am there!

I am currently overweight (technically, obese according to the ridiculous calculations of somebody LOL! – I mean seriously, due to my height, I should be between 44.4kgs and 55kgs) but I feel Fabulous! In August, I weighed 102.5kgs and I was still confident, content and felt fabulous (spiritually, mentally and emotionally) but physically, I was struggling. And I knew that I was unhealthy and didn’t want to be like that.

I am now 88kgs and have lost a total of 14kgs since August, 2021 with the help of smoothies, exercise, prayer and medication. Some may say that I am ‘cheating’ but I don’t see it that way…I had already lost around 7kgs on my own before my Dr. prescribed me weight loss medication, to aid me in my journey.

You see, after losing 7kgs, I had a Dr. put me on Anti-Depressants for Anxiety; a major misdiagnosis in the Medication; he gave me Medication that makes you drowsy at night and increases your appetite! WHAT? Medication that is supposed to help those who are so depressed that they can’t eat or sleep! Ummm hello?? I’m nearly 100kgs pretty sure I eat fine! HAHAHA! I was binge-eating at night (because that’s when the meds kicked your appetite into gear lol and then the drowsiness meant I felt sluggish and horrible in the morning! I gained a total of 5kgs in 4 weeks AFTER ALL MY HARD WORK of losing 7kgs!

My mental health and confidence took a massive hit…time to hit the reset button, reflect and restart! I spent time with the Lord and studied the Scriptures and spent time in Prayer to get back on track..mentally, emotionally and spiritually. A friend of mine told me about this medication so I went to the Dr. and he took me off the Anti-Depressants and started me on the new meds.

Once I started focusing on my self-worth and started the new meds, I felt re-invigorated and ready to start again! But…diet and exercise and sleep are not the only parts of our lives that affect our health – My biggest success in my life is living my life for the Lord and Honouring Him in all that I do; my Homemaking, my Marriage, my Parenting, my Work, my Productivity (or lack there-of), my Rest, my Self-Care and most importantly, my Relationship with Him.

I finally have regular routines in place in all areas of my life and it doesn’t feel monotonous, boring and draining – I have found the joy in the journey and it is a privilege to honour the Lord, as I serve others and take care of myself. When I am organised, structured and intentional in living my life with purpose, I Feel Fabulous – and so does my family!

August was my time to Start Anew…that’s why you will see in The Health and Honour Guide that I talk about the Number 8 and how it means “New Beginnings”, because it was  the 8th month when I started anew!

**UPDATE** It is now a year later, August 2022 and I’m currently in a season of New Beginnings AGAIN! I have been on a massive health journey and after losing my Mum unexpectedly in September, 2021 and leaving my marriage a month ago, due to Domestic Violence, I am on a healing journey with my 4 kids!

It’s possible for you to heal and become whole and healthy…no matter what you’re going through! I’m now 82.5kgs and a lot closer to my goal. I am focusing on my health, my healing and my relationship with God and that is what has me feeling fabulous every day! And you can too!

It’s your turn!

And I want to help you!

It’s All About You!

Are you ready to Start Anew In ’22!?


weight loss transformation picture

...But First, 5 Fun facts about me...


Recovering Addict:
8 Years Sober

My Baptism

From the age of 13-29, I had taken drugs and drank alcohol to excess. It all started with trying to be cool and giving in to peer pressure in High School and ended with years and years of pain, suffering and turmoil. It was a rollercoaster ride and I finally answered the call from the Lord and recommitted my life to Him in February, 2014. It’s a long story but the short version is….I knew something had to change in my life due to the toxic lifestyle my Husband had lived. After 5 years, and 2 kids, I told my Husband we had to do something and after looking for a rehab, I said, “I don’t need rehab, I need Jesus!” That was it…the year I turned 30 became the pivotal moment in my life and I began living my life for Jesus! I had purpose and passion. It was an up and down journey, that year (and still is!!!), but 8 years on and I’ve only relapsed twice with my drinking but haven’t touched any drugs since! All glory goes to God!


my mum passed away in September 2021

2021 has been a rough year! I struggled with many things: Marriage, Parenting, Relationships and Health Problems but the biggest struggle of all was losing my Mum, suddenly and unexpectedly, at the age of 62! It was absolutely shocking and has been such a difficult time in my life. I was also subject to a lot of abuse from family members and that almost broke my spirit; the one time I needed my Mum the most and she wasn’t here! That has just added to my grief. The denial, the guilt, the pain, the memories, the joy, the heartbreak..it’s so full on and I am thankful to have the Lord by my side every day to get me through it. My Mum and I had an argument 3 days before she passed away so that has been the biggest struggle for me! It has been hard grieving while helping my 4 kids in their own grieving – we often talk about Mum and at Christmas and New Years, I created new traditions including a Balloon Release for both days. It was very special and has helped in our healing. Remembering all the good times with Mum has been comforting in my toughest times as well as the love, care and support from my big brother, Frank – He understands how I feel, more than anyone else can! We have always been a close family, it was always Teresa, Frank and Kala and now it’s just us two and we need each other, more than ever.


Survivor of Domestic Violence

I am a Survivor of Domestic Violence and Narcissistic Abuse! After 13 years of suffering from abuse, and leaving for two years in 2018, I have recently packed up my kids and left again…this time for good! We thought we had a family miracle in 2019 but unfortunately it wasn’t true. It has been a massive journey and a really hard time for me and my kids in the past 2 years…BUT GOD! There is no way I could’ve made it this far without the Lord giving me the strength to endure abuse again for 2 years and then making the decision to leave! As a Christian wife, I was serving, loving and forgiving my ex-Husband on a daily basis for things that were very hard to handle. I showed grace, mercy and patience for a very long time and then one day it was like a switched flicked in my mind and I was able to be released from the denial and truly recognise what was happening. God showed me exactly what I had to do and I listened. Not an easy thing to do but very, very necessary to protect myself and my 4 kids! I am healing and I know that God will help me through the valley and bring me and my kids to the mountain top! He always does!



I'm an ex-Homeschool Mama

We were Homeschoolers for 2.5 years – we loved it! We shared our journey on Instagram: Blessed Homeschoolers and YouTube, which was a lot of fun. We had so many adventures and enjoyed doing life and learning together. Unfortunately, this year (May, 2021), I had to make the difficult decision to cease Homeschooling due to health issues I had. After having 3 surgeries, I just couldn’t do it anymore. The kids transitioned well into Public School. 10yo Shayla and 9yo RJ were going ‘back into School’, whereas 6yo Ava had never been to School so it took her a lot longer to settle..in saying that, she had 6 months in School in 2021 and she has done an amazing job! 4yo Jona starts School this year and we’re all excited for him. I am enjoying the time I get at home alone because it has given me more time to serve others in my Online Ministry: Check out the FB Pages >> Health and Honour & Equipped For Battle.


Passionate About Serving Others


As mentioned in Fact #4, I have 2 Online Ministries/Businesses that I feel called to do: This one, Health and Honour and my other one is Equipped For Battle (website coming soon at kalavagius.com), which is all about Spiritual Warfare. I have always been passionate about helping others, it’s my personality type, but I have becomeeven more passionate since the Lord changed my life! I want others to experience the joy, peace and love that I have experienced and I want to give others that same purpose and passion. I always felt led to Ministry and it wasn’t until 2018 that the Lord put it on my heart to build an Online Ministry, which He then encouraged me to turn into a Business and a way to serve others as well as provide for my family. I have served in Ministry in many other ways, including Children’s Ministry and I am also involved in Kairos Outisde For Women. KOW is a part of the Kairos Prison Ministry and is about supporting women who have supported a loved one in Jail, or have been in jail themselves. It is a great Ministry and I have been a part of KOW since 2015. It is a program that is held twice a year unlike Health and Honour & Equipped For Battle, which are Ministries where I can serve on a daily basis! I hope and pray that my serving isn’t in vain and that I can point people to Jesus, as I help them in their lives, through Health and Spiritual Warfare. I absolutely love creating printables and courses that will help people like you feel more content, joyful and purpose-filled: Check out THE H&H BOOTCAMP so I can serve you better or take a look around and find what works for you!

You can love your body
but still desire to lose weight.


50+ Self-Care Ideas to get you started with Self-Care

I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made;
    Your works are wonderful, I know that full well.
Psalm 139:14

learn on the go...

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