The H&H Guide to a Healthier Life

Are you looking for a fresh start in your health but just don’t know where to start?

It’s like everything in your life just feels so messy and you can’t seem to get ahead in your spiritual growth, your house feels cluttered, your relationships are exhausting you and your self-care is practically non-existent!!

You need to hit the reset button but then you’re asking yourself…

“What do I do once I hit the reset button?

THE PROBLEM: You Need More!

You’ve tried so many different things to be healthy but nothing sticks; various programs, various coaches, various opinions but you need more than that!

More than the same old, same old: eat right, exercise, drink water & get 8 hours of sleep.

Yes, of course you should do that but there’s gotta be MORE! Something that can make me actually feel confident, motivated 7 disciplined rather than it feeling like a monotonous, boring chore, day in and day out!

You want to feel excited about how you live your life each day!!

❎You don’t want to feel like you’re a failure.

❎You don’t want to feel guilty.

❎You don’t want to feel like you just aren’t good enough.

❎You don’t want to feel frustrated.

So, what’s the SOLUTION?

✅You want to feel alive!
✅You want to feel energised, motivated and excited to get out of bed each morning!

✅You want to feel proud of your efforts!

✅You want to feel free from the opinion of society!

✅You want to be disciplined & successful!

What if I told you, you can?

Weight Loss Transformation Pic

By focusing on The 8 Important Areas in the H&H Guide, and The Passion➡️Progress Framework, I was able to go from feeling frustrated, overwhelmed, unhappy, guilty and ashamed to free, confident, joyful, worthy and disciplined!

I may look happy in the picture on the left (and actually on the day I was…it was Christmas Day 2020 and it was the last Christmas with my Mum so I will cherish the memory of that day forever!) but deep down I was unhappy with how much weight I had gained.

In 2018, I lost a total of 28kgs with the Keto Diet, going to the gym everyday for an hour, not eating any sugar AT ALL, restricting myself and feeling like a failure when I went ‘off plan’.

By 2020 I had gained it all back….plus more!

It’s April 2023 and I’ve lost 29kgs again but this time is soooo different! I’m not on the Keto Diet, I don’t restrict myself from eating ANY foods, I don’t workout for an hour a day and I EAT SUGAR!! LOL And I don’t ever feel like a failure…no matter what the scales say!

Focusing on The 8 Important Areas has made a massive difference in how I see myself, my weight loss journey and my health.

My worth and identity is found in Christ…He is the centre of my Healthy Lifestyle!

✅Healthy For Christ.

✅Honouring God With My Body.

That’s what I want to help you with!

Relationship with Christ and Knowing What The Bible Says, is what keeps me focused and I do it all for the glory of the Lord, not for anyone else. The key to my success though, is that I started to feel confident & worthy BEFORE I LOST THE WEIGHT because I was consistent with My Morning Routine and Daily Habits As A Christian Woman.





So, What Are The 8 Important Areas?

The H&H Guide to a Healthier Life focuses on these 8 areas and is guaranteed to help you flourish in your physical, spiritual, emotional and mental health.It’s all about mindset & confidence, routines & planning, work life, homemaking, relationships & rest and relaxation!

🌸The importance of a regular morning routine.

🌸Why planning and schedules are so important.

🌸How to prioritise your self-care and gain a positive self-image.

🌸The Home Environment and how it affects your health.

🌸How to eat fabulous foods to feel fabulous.

🌸How to maintain a healthy work/life balance.

🌸The 3 R’s – Rest. Relaxation. Rejuvenation.

🌸Give yourself a Mini Makeover!

Yes, you want to lose weight when you start taking care of your body but I am here to help you feel great BEFORE you lose the weight!
I’m here to help you gain a positive self-image as you start doing things differently…small changes everyday.

And not just “quit sugar and do a HIIT workout”!

Changes like…

🌸Consistent habits & routines that you will love
🌸Positive self-talk and feeling worthy
🌸Relaxing and binging on a Netflix Series LOL
🌸Improved relationships and connection
And it’s all found in The H&H Guide!

The H&H Guide has Bible-Based, Informative Tips, Self-Care Strategies and Ideas to help you make a change today!

See what's inside The Guide...

If you’re ready to make lasting changes in your health and in your life, then The H&H Guide is for YOU!



...HAVE hope & BELIEVE IN a breakthrough...